the new TRASH generation.🔥

The inspiration of this shooting has been made based on current issues that is the generation Z.
A world that has a reference to the Soviet countries that are expanding. 
Trousers Zara, Turtleneck Prada, Jacket Genny, Earrings Vintage, Belt H&M
Nightdress La Perla, Earrings Vintage, Necklace Asos, T-shirt Thrasher, Shoes Reebok, Socks Nike

From space to young people and their creativity.
Jeans Levis, Shirt Zara, Jacket Jill Sander, Earrings Vintage, Necklace Asos
Fur Genny, Sweatshirt Kenzo, Earrings Vintage, Necklace Asos, Sweatpants Adidas
Coat Burberry, Earrings Vintage, Top American Apparel, T-shirt Mango, Pants Nike

The main message is that the world should give more space to young people.
Through styling we gave space to street wear, underground and the young generation.

Dress Vintage, Shirt Dolce&Gabbana, Earrings Vintage, Belt H&M, Shoes Reebok, Socks Nike
Jacket Valentino Jeans, Turtleneck Prada, Earrings Vintage, Shirt Valentino man


Photographer by Rai 
Stylist by Anna Salucci
Make up by Silvia Salucci
Model by Esther Martelanz

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