RARE, RUDE ,WARRIOR! by @hunterhausstudio💋👊🏻


Introduces you in an ANTI MODA environment that adapts to the HUMAN WEAR concept. A battle confronted in both genres that detonates in an ideal prototype made reality.

The fusion of colors part like the green that arouses envy, passing to a blue that imposes authority and unlinks in a desire of attraction through the red.

#1 Emerald green retro sweatshirt with velvet print. “Victoria´s Secret” bra/lingerie. “Como la trucha al trucho studio” black straight pants with colored ruffles on both sides.

The sensitive factor appears in the skin with a sweat effect and in garments with character that play with the voluptuous and arduous forms of fitting into a concept so personal and risky at the same time. Look through your translucent lenses And imagine a world  to envy. Fight and show me your tooth until you reach the Dominion. And don’t forget to satiate the eyes that are attracted to your inevitable state of excitement and youthful spirit.

“Del Pozo” oversize T-shirt with V-neck and V-shaped black fur coat. “Gucci” black fur coat. “Joumartan” latex navy joggie trousers. “Giuseppe Zanotti” roman sandals stilettos.


#3 “Adidas” vintage swaetshirt. “Como la trucha al trucho studio” purple extralarge circular capes skirt with dots.. “Christian Louboutin” black stilettos.

– Producción: HUNTER HAUS studio | @hunterhausstudio
– Dirección creativa: HUNTER HAUS studio + Jou Martan | @hunterhausstudio | @joumartan
– Art direction: HUNTER HAUS studio + Jou Martan | @hunterhausstudio / @joumartan
– Dirección de fotografía y retoque: Alej Fernández | @alejfernandez_
– Iluminación: Gumidafe Pérez | @mrgumifilmmaker
– MUA + Hairstyle : Jeffrey Hernández | @jeffhernandez.es
– Estilismo: Joel Martín | @im.joumartan
– Modelo: Laura Herrera | @lauraherreracb



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