#FastGarms is a new concept of fashion media born in 2017. FastGarms es nuestra nueva web internacional de moda.

Te invitamos a descubrirla, es diferente a todo lo que ya conoces:

Descripción sacada de fastgarms: 

We are a new young and fresh online magazine with a different point of view

We live in the 21st century. A time when everything changes very fast. So fast that we can not wait for our jobs to be printed. So fast that new technologies eat the old media. So fast that in a few weeks the fashions change. The trends are not the same. So fast that your new shirt is no longer cool.

We are millennials, we are surrounded by information. Information that we bomb ourselves daily in social networks.
What’s faster than fashion?As creatives, we have something similar.
The speed of creation and the need of get inspiration and show our work to the world. So fast.

FAST: Fast fashion is a contemporary term that has the meaning of translating the proposals of the big design houses, from the runways as fast as possible.
GARMS: is everything we wear. An abbreviation of the English slang taken from the word GARMENTS (clothing).

Our intention is to show everything that happens in fashion, day by day with our own and different point of view. Through new talents and renowned artists from all over the world. We want to show all that inspires us as young and creative people.

You are welcome to collaborate with us. Enjoy the experience. Welcome to #fastgarms.


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