トランスペアレント by martina risso 📼

He was filling his cup with wine when he understood he had a chance to start over again. Overwhelmed, after finding himself fighting against a monster he couldn’t defeat he thought ‘maybe today, will be the best day of my life. I just have to take a chance on me’ So he took a shower, he shaved his 4-days-beard, he dressed up and he walked down the street as his father’s voice kept coming back to his mind ‘Sometimes things get tough,son, but you have to stick to all the wonderful things that life can provide you and stop taking for granted you will always be here’.

    Jersey punto: @raulrodriguezmenswear Mono verde: @danielrosa.es Gafas: Zara Zapatos: @drmartens

Gorro: @Americanapparel Camisa: @danielrosa.es Falda:@danielrosa.es

Camiseta: Zara Jersey punto: @hm Pantalon:@raulrodriguezmenswear zapatos: @drmartens
As rare as it seemed, he felt he had never been so alive. And then he stopped walking to start running directionless willing to find a bench where to sit and smoke a cigarrette, when his cigarrette was always consumed, he heard a candid voice right behind his neck. ‘Excuse me, could I borrow your lighter for a second?’ And as he saw her face he thought to himself:’ Love is everywhere to be found’


Photography: Martina Risso
Model: Marcs Antoni Prats x Uno Models
Stilyst: Sandra Miralles
Text: Carla Junca

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