Dystopia is the new black.

Dystopia is a new independent clothing label created in 2014 under the creative direction of urban artist HoneyKill.

The concept of Dystopia comes to live from an illustration series that HoneyKill produces in 2008, but is not until 2014 when after travelling around the Asian Sud-east and finally establishing herself in Bali when the artist finds the right moment to launch and develop the project.

As she explains, “ Asia posses a strong charge of symbolism and religious iconography . This over exposure made me realize the possibility of working with these concepts in a different platform than paper , fashion seemed the right path”


Fotógrafo: David Montes Aldea
Estilismo: HoneyKill
Asistentes estilismo: Socatoba & Matthew Rispoli
Modelos: Brenda Lopez, Ibra Ceesay

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