Brighton ’67 English working class 1960’s inspired editorial shoot Story:

Brighton wasn’t exactly the coolest place in England. «A lot of old people, mum!» So Taylor wasn’t too excited to visit her Grandma for the weekend, as a London girl, the seaside town wasn’t what she was looking for. «Dad thinks it’s the best way to forget about that bloke for a while.»

And what dad said was rule in the family. The train ride was boring but went by surprisingly fast. Her grandma picked her up at the station. It was a bit embarrassing with all the people around, But she loved her. Besides that she made the best puddings. Things changed when she saw the posters at the station. “The Who – playing tonight at the Dome”.

But how would she be able to sneak out. At some point she had to find a reason to go to bed early. Grandma wouldn’t allow her going to the Dome. It was at that concert when she met Linn – they were playing ‘I’m a boy’ and she looked straight into her eyes when she bumped into her with her pint.

There was something about that girl.




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